Readme for dvbzap and dvbtv

A little zapper for budget DVB-S tv cards

Author: Gunther Laure

Table of Contents

1. Command Line Options:
2. Usage:
3. Documentation
4. Download
5. Compile and install dvbzap
6. Precompiled package
7. Needed Packages or Programs
8. Links

dvbzap is a little application that allows zapping and using the IR controller of the Pinnacle PCTV Sat dvb card. The homepage of dvbtv and the dvbzap application is at

The dvbtv project is generously hosted by Sourceforge.

1. Command Line Options:


Show a little help for the command line options and the program usage.


Load a custom channel configuration file. The file must be in the format used by szap. The default file should be in ~/.szap/channels.conf.


Specifies the first channels to tune to by name.


Load a custom lirc configuration file. The default lirc file is pinnacle_lircrc and found in the src directory.


Start the mplayer process with the given options. Example: --mplayer="-ao sdl -vo xv -nocache"

2. Usage:

After loading the executable dvbzap automatically starts the first channel of the channels.conf file.

The following Buttons of the IR control are useable: The number buttons (0..9) tune to the equivalent channel 0 to 9. The channel+ button zaps to the next channel, channel- to the previous. The stop button kills the mplayer window, but does not kill the application. The quit button exits the application. The tv button kills a running xscreensaver.

3. Documentation

There exists a german howto for the Pinnacle PCTV Sat cards, which is also hosted under the dvbtv project. An english translation will be added soon. German PCTV Sat Howto

4. Download

dvbtv files

5. Compile and install dvbzap



cd src


6. Precompiled package

Currently only Debian packages are provided at the files section .

7. Needed Packages or Programs




8. Links

dvbtv Project

German PCTV Sat Fan Size

German PCTV Sat Forum